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Rail Vision designs, develops, and manufactures pioneering systems to improve railway safety and maintenance through electro optic sensors, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Founded in 2016 with more than 60 employees based in Raanana Israel dedicated to – paving the way to a safer and more efficient rail future. Using advanced obstacle detection & classification technology, Rail Vision detects objects on and along the tracks from a distance up to 2 kilometers – in real time, as well as under most weather and light conditions.

Rail Vision’s solutions address key issues within the industry such as the obstacles and accidents, high operational costs, lack of personnel, capacity and maintenance issues, intense traffic on the tracks, extensive driving distances, and weather and light conditions.

Rail Vision’s electro-optic sensors (including thermal and day camera), AI and Deep Learning solutions overcome limited vision, expanding the range of sight, decreasing downtime, while increasing punctuality, efficiency, and safety.

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